Growing Herbs in Pots
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Growing Herbs in Pots

Herbs can also be grown indoors in pots or containers.  They can also be grown in window boxes or hanging baskets.  Growing herbs in pots is not anymore difficult then growing herbs in an outdoor garden.  Indoor herb gardens need the same growing requirements that garden herbs need.   

All plants need three main things in order to grow successfully:

  • Sunlight
  • Soil
  • Water

Herbs are no exception.  Sunlight is the key to growing any type of plant including herbs whether they are grown indoors or in a garden.  You should place herbs grown in a kitchen or other room in a south or west facing window to get the best kind of sunlight.  Different types of herbs have different light requirements but, for the most part, all need a sunny location.  Some home herb growers supplement the light source with “grow lamps” or fluorescent lamps. 

Herbs also need a well drained, not too rich soil to grow in.  Add two parts of sterilized potting soil with one part coarse sand or perlite (a volcanic glass) for herbs that are grown in containers.  You will also need about an inch of gravel at the bottom of each pot to ensure that the plant has good drainage. 

Useful Tip: Herbs grown in pots indoors can also be supplemented with one teaspoon of lime per 5-inch pot to ensure that the soil is sweet enough for the herbs. 

Herbs grown in pots also need water.  Misting the plants and moistening the pebbles will help to keep the herbs within humid conditions.  Since they are being grown in containers they do need to have more water then herbs that are grown in a garden but, you should avoid getting the roots of the herbs drenched or soggy.

An advantage to growing herbs in a container is that you have the freedom to move them about as you please.  Annual herbs can spend all of their time indoors but, perennial herbs do better if they were to be placed outside during the summer.  Although all herbs should be brought inside before the first frost in order to avoid the loss of foliage.  This rule is over looked when it comes to mint, chives, and tarragon.  These types of herbs will go into a rest period then form firmer and fresher growth after it is introduced to a light frost.

All herbs can be grown in containers but some herbs do better than others.  Mint is an herb that needs to be contained or it will take over the garden. 

Over all it is fairly easy to maintain an indoor herb garden.  It keeps the herbs handy and within reach anytime you need them for cooking.  With these tips listed above, you will be able to care for your herbs and ensure a healthy plant.  You should also include periodic light feeding and yearly repotting for optimum health of the herbs.  You will also have to remember to replant annuals each year and move perennials outdoors when needed.  Plus, use your herbs as much as you want as well as harvest them occasionally. 

It is no secret that pruning plants encourages new growth.  This rule also applies to herbs.  So use them in your recipes, store them, sell them or simply give them away to your family and friends.

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Growing Herbs in Pots

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